Varieties of Dry Red Chillies, Powder & Flakes, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India for Export

In last post we have seen the introduction of Dry Red chilli and its various names worldwide and its uses. In this post we will know about the Different types of chilli varieties that are available in India. 

Varieties of Dry Red chillies:

  1. S17/Teja (Shu 65000-100000)
  2. 334/S4/ Guntur Sannam ( shu 18000-30000)
  3. 355 / Byadgi (Shu 8000-16000)
  4. 341 /DD (SHU 30000-40000)
  5. 273/ wrinkled (Shu 16000 -20000)
  6. Endo 5 (Shu 35000- 50000)
  7. S27 / Wonderhot Variety (Shu 8000-12000)
  8. Warangal Tomato Variety / Chapata Chillies (Shu 4000-6000)
  9. Chilli Powder (Shu 9000-80000)
  10. Red pepper Flakes (Shu 8000-90000)
  11. Chilli seeds (Shu 8000-80000)

1) S17 Teja

Teja Dry red chilli
dry red chilli supplier in guntur

Nearly, 50% of the crop grown in Guntur comprises the Teja variety, because of the huge demand for it. Its massive share can also be attributed to the fact that Teja has high resistance to pests and viruses, because of innate pungency. Its output and prices are higher than all other varieties, though not as high as the hybrid ones.

  • local name: Teja
  • Cultivated across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Madhya Pradesh State.
  • Crop size approximately about 300,000 Metric Tons .The largest available variety in India & The world’s largest pungent variety available at SparC ExiM in Bulk Quantity.
  • Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) – 65000 SHU to 90000 SHU depends on the area of cultivation.
  • ASTA – Colour value also ranges between 60- 80 ASTA again depending on the area of cultivation and season.
  • It’s the hottest chilli available in bulk and mostly used in Domestic markets mainly by the Oleoresin Manufacturers / Huge demand in the International Markets China / Mexico/ USA/ Thailand & Bangladesh. In India the northern states of Uttar Pradesh / Bihar prefer this variety for direct consumption other states use it on a blend.
  • Processed & Consumed in different formats such as Whole Chilli Dried, Destemmed Chilli, Stem Cut Chilli, Ground Chilli Powder & Crushed Chilli / Minced Chilli / Chilli Flakes.

2) 334/S4/Guntur Sannam

334 Variety
  • Local Name: Sannam
  • S4 {Samba} the original desi variety was from the town Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu State.
  • S4 was one of the initial variety of Chilli available in India & exported from the country till the 1990’s. Infact this was the only variety for decades till the various hybrid varieties were developed during the late 1990’s.
  • Mainly grown in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telengana states. Other similar varieties such as 334 & Super 10 also classified as S4 chilli as their physical and chemical character are quite similar.
  • Crop size of S4 variety Dried red chilli of Indian Orgin would be approximately 200,000 metric tons.
  • Bright Red Colour Pods with the width slightly broad.
  • Scoville Heat Unit (SHU)- 18000 SHU to 35000 SHU in Tamil Nadu ; 18000 SHU -35000 SHU colour a bit deep red, Andhra Pradesh; Telangana- 25000 SHU – 30000 SHU.
  • ASTA – Colour value of S4 variety Dried red chilli 50 ASTA to 60 ASTA.
  • Mainly consumed by Domestic markets of Bihar / Uttar Pradesh/ West Bengal. CHINA buys a lot of this variety as a direct Stem Cut.

3) 355/ Bydagi Variety

334 bydgi chilli supplier
334 Bydgi
  • Local Name: Kadi/Bydagi
  • Wrinkled variety deep red or dark red in colour, mild pungent.
  • Grown in the fertile lands of Karnataka, India. Bellary Hubli & Bydagi areas of Karnataka.
  • Scoville Heat Value- Bydagi variety of dried red chillies are not very pungent variety with pungency between 8000 SHU to 16000 SHU.
  • ASTA – This variety colour value is very high being the surface of all these varieties bigger than the Andhra Pradesh & Telangana grown chillies. ASTA between 100 to 250 .A beautiful Deep Red Colour.
  • Bydagi Variety Dried Red Chillies crop size roughly about 125,000 MT.
  • Major consumers of this variety in domestic markets are Gujarat /Maharashtra/ Rajasthan/Delhi Mandi’s . This variety is consumed mostly by the Masala /Retailers across the country for its special high colour. Major Oleoresin manufacturers actively buy this variety for the International Markets.
  • This variety is also in demand in the Malaysian / Singapore Markets. Stemless of this variety, with stem & chilli powders are the major formats of this variety.
  • The Packing is Buyer Specific regularly available in 10 Kgs/25 Kgs PP bags & 10 Kgs / 25 Kgs Jute Bags.

4) DD /US 341 Variety

Devanur Deluxe
341 Dry red chilli exporter
  • Devanoor Delux chilli is a slight wrinkled variety which is dark red colour. This beautiful variety is mainly used by the Masala Companies.
  • US 341 is a variety mainly preferred in the Ground Chilli Powder manufacturers as the colour value and Scoville heat units are better than the conventional varieties like the S4 & S17.
  • Scoville Heat Unit – Devanoor delux variety Dried red chilli ranges between 30000 SHU to 35000 SHU.
  • Scoville Heat Unit – US 341 variety Dried Red Chilli ranges between 30000 SHU to 40000 SHU
  • ASTA – Colour value for Devanoor delux variety Dried red chilli ranges between 100 ASTA to 140 ASTA.
  • ASTA – Colour value for US341 variety Dried red chilli ranges between 100 ASTA to 150 ASTA.
  • Both these varieties are majorly consumed by the Masala Companies across India.
  • The Packing is Buyer Specific regularly available in 10 Kgs/25 PP bags & 10 Kgs / 25 Kgs Jute Bags.

5) S273 Chilli

273- dry red chilli Sparc exim

S 273 chilli is a Semi-Wrinkled chillies and has a Long size with medium heat, Its mostly used for culinary purpose globally. Supplied in the form of whole dried red chilli with or without stem, Powder for frying and crushed chilli flakes for garnishing purpose. It has high demand in Domestic as well as in International market.

  • General Character – Semi-Wrinkled, Dark Red Colour, Thick Skin, less seeded & moderate hot.
  • ASTA   color value – 80 – 100
  • Pungency – 16,000 – 20,000 SHU
  • Capsaicin – 0.726%

6) Indo 5 Dry Red Chilli

Dry red Chili-Indo5

Indo 5 Chilli are F1 Hybrid chilli variety of Indo-American type, it’s also known as Endo 5 chilli and Indam 5 chilli, Usually 9 – 10 cms long with medium pungency. Since it has a pungent irritating character, it is not suitable for consumption. Specifically used for seeds only purpose.

  • General Character – Medium red color & Medium sized
  • ASTA color value – 60 – 80
  • Pungency –40,000 – 50,000 SHU
  • Capsaicin – 0.226

7) S27 / Wonderhot Variety

Wonder hot-red-chili
  • Local Name: Wonderhot Chilli.
  • Long Deep Red Chilli pods size 5 inches to 6 inches.
  • Warangal, Telangana State Specialty, grown exclusively in the Warangal areas and available only in the Warangal Markets.
  • Scoville Heat Value – S27 variety Dried red chilli are Sweet Chilli ranging between 8000 SHU to 12000 SHU.
  • ASTA – S27 variety colour value is roughly between 90 ASTA to 110 ASTA.
  • S27 variety Dried red chilli crop size roughly about 25,000 metric tons.
  • Majorly consumed the North western parts of Gujarat / Rajasthan Markets & International major markets are Malaysia/Indonesia /Thailand.
  • Wonderhot Stemless Chilli / Wonderhot Chilli with stem are the major formats this chilli are consumed and traded.
  • The Packing is Buyer Specific regularly available in 10 Kgs/25 Kgs PP bags & 10 Kgs / 25 Kgs Jute Bags.

8) Warangal Tomato Variety / Chapata Chillies

  • Local Name: Chapata Chillies
  • Only grown in the rich water sufficient fields of Warangal,Telangana State . This variety is another exclusive Warangal Specialty.
  • Chapata Chilli are the dried red chilli version of the Green Capsicum vegetable. A very delicate variety to the farmer.
  • Chapata chilli have a unique sweet fragrance and rich taste, it’s a rich deep red colour pods.
  • Scoville Heat Unit – Chapata chilli is one of the Sweetest Chilli of Indian Orgin and could be one of the sweetest chilli in the world. The heat value between 4000 SHU to 6000 SHU.
  • ASTA – Colour value of the Chapata variety Dried red chilli ranges between 100-140 ASTA.
  • Major buyers of this variety are the pickle manufacturers/ domestic markets central Indian markets love this variety. Japanese /Korean Markets buy this variety for their Kimchi sauces.
  • Crop size is a very small crop of about 15000 MT.
  • The Packing is Buyer Specific regularly available in 10 Kgs/25 Kgs PP bags & 10 Kgs / 25 Kgs Jute Bags.

9) Red chilli powder

Dry red chilli powder

Dried red chilli powder is a major food ingredient in Indian and international cuisines. Red chilli powder brings its characteristic bright red color and pungency to any preparation it is used in. The chillies, shall be ground (powdered pepper) to such fineness that all of it passes through 500 μm IS Sieve and nothing remains on the sieve.

We are one of the reputed manufacturer, supplier & exporters of high quality dry red red chilli pepper powder. We use biyadagi / Guntur s4 sannam / Teja / DD dried red chillies for making as a powder form. Our selected chillies are processed hygienically to ensure its free from the impurity and provide best packaging according to clients requirements. Our chilli powder named for its purity, unadultered & aromatic flavor which can be used in any dishes across any cuisine worldwide, also appreciated by our most of the clients.

  • Type of chilli used – Biyadagi,Guntur s4 sannam,Teja and Devanur deluxe DD
  • Appearance Color – Bright red in color
  • Quantity per/pack – 1kg / 2kg / 5 kg / 10kg. Other sizes as per customer request
  • Packing – PP Bag OR Paper bag. Then, packed in Carton / Jute gunny bag
  • Label – As per clients request, OEM Accepted

10) Red chilli flakes

Crushed dried red chilli flakes is also called red chili pepper flakes – is a condiment consisting of dried and crushed red chili peppers, coarsely grounded to its perfection. Most of the chillies are used for making in to condiments, especially it’s more popular for Pizzas & Italian dishes.

  • Type of chilli used – Guntur s4 sannam,Teja and Biyadagi
  • Appearance Color – Bright red in color
  • Quantity per/pack – 1kg / 2kg / 5 kg / 10kg. Other sizes as per customer request
  • Packing – Laminated Paper bag / PP Bag & Carton boxes or as per request.
  • Label – As per clients request, OEM Accepted.

11) Chilli seeds


Chilli seeds- Dried red chilli pepper seeds is usually supplied in yellow color seeds, we are a leading supplier of seeds of Biyadagi chilli & Guntur chillies. Our chilli seeds india of high quality and We could able to cater our client as per their needs. Also, packing qty is allowed to their specification.

  • Type of chilli used – Teja / Biyadagi
  • Appearance Color – Yellow & Pale white
  • Quantity per/pack – 1kg / 2kg / 5 kg / 10kg. Other sizes as per customer request
  • Packing – PP Bag & Jute bag or as per request.
  • Label – As per clients request, OEM Accepted.


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