Mango is one of the most famous fruits of India. It is known as “King of fruits”. In 2024, Sparc Exim commenced its mango export operations, sourcing mangoes from various regions across India. These mangoes undergo careful handpicking, cleaning, and hygienic packaging processes, ensuring they maintain their freshness, purity, and rich aroma, making Sparc Exim Mangoes highly sought after. Supported by a dedicated team of farmers, experts, and professionals, Sparc Exim can efficiently meet diverse customer needs within specified timeframes.  Knowledgeable source agents ensure the procurement of high-quality mangoes directly from farmers at competitive prices. Additionally, mangoes, known for their high beta-carotene content and rich vitamin B complex, offer not just delicious flavor but also significant nutritional benefits.
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Alphonso mangoes are globally renowned for their popularity and distinct characteristics. This seasonal delight typically graces the markets from mid-April to the end of June. Renowned for their creamy texture, Alphonso mangoes boast a juicy, non-fibrous pulp that delights the palate. When fully ripe, their golden-yellow skin, tinged with red, signals their readiness for consumption. The saffron-colored flesh within further enhances their appeal, making Alphonso mangoes a cherished delicacy during their limited availability.


The Kesar mango, also known as ‘Gir Kesar,’ is a revered mango cultivar nurtured in the foothills of Girnar, Gujarat. Its hallmark is its vibrant, bright orange pulp, which captivates mango enthusiasts. Typically hitting the market in April, this variety undergoes cultivation starting around October, post the monsoon season, as farmers diligently tend to its growth, ensuring a delightful harvest for eager consumers.


Banganapalli mangoes, also known as Benishan or Safeda, are a prominent mango variety cultivated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in the town of Banganapalle. Renowned for their distinct sweet flavor and juicy texture, Banganapalli mangoes are favored by mango aficionados worldwide. Characterized by their oblong shape and golden-yellow skin, these mangoes typically ripen from April to June. They are prized for their versatility, enjoyed fresh, as well as used in various culinary applications such as desserts and salads.

Processing line

  • Cultivation
  • Harvesting
  • Sorting
  • Pesticide Treatment Process
  • Hot Water/ Irradiation/ VHT-(Vapour Heat)Treatment as per the county specific requirements
  • Grading , Labeling 
  • Packing, Loading
  • Shipping by Air or Sea.

Packing Details

        1) 1.5 Kg /4 Pieces in Carton Box

        2) 3 Kg gross weight, 2.7 Kg net / 7-8 pieces in  Carton Box

        3) Packing 5 Kg / 13 to 14 pieces in Carton Box

Delivery Terms

Prompt 1 week delivery.

Payment Terms & Details

100% Advance


Any port of India.

Supply Period

March to June

Minimum Order Quantity

1200 kg through Air.

Product Enquiry.

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